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Lakes and Reservoirs vol. 3

Water Quality: The Impact of Eutrophication

The Short Series on Planning and Management of Lakes and Reservoirs is produced with the objective of increasing environmental awareness and education in the general public about freshwater bodies, their characteristics, interactions and man intervention. Each volume is friendly written and using colour diagrams and photographs to reinforce the text and make them more illustrative.

The present Volume entitled “Water Quality: The Impact of Eutrophication” provides an overview of the problem of the enrichment of surface freshwater bodies due to organic compounds originating from urban and agricultural activities as well as from industrial effluents. Eutrophication is a process in water bodies that once started is difficult to control unless immediate action is taken and it will ultimately reduce oxygen in water killing fish and other organisms, reduce biodiverstisity and cause enormous economic losses. Also, the appearance of certain algal blooms due to the eutriphied waters may bring the release of highly toxic substances in the water which in turn may cause liver and kidney damage or even death to cattle and humans. Eutrophication is a process which could be prevented by undertaken proper planning and management measurers within the watershed and the water bodies.

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Why Is Eutrophication Such A Serious Pollution Problem?

How Bad Is Eutrophication At Present?

Where Nutrients Come From and How They Cause Entrophication
Water Quality Management and Eutrophication in Some Lakes Around the World
Environmental Education and Political Awareness
Social, Cultural, Institutional and Economic Aspects of Eutrophication
The Future


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