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<Lakes and Reservoirs - Similarities, Differences and Importance>


Advection: flow of air or water within the atmosphere or water-body
Allochthonous: transported from elsewhere
Autochthonous: from the same place
Catchment: the area from which rainfall flows into a river, lake or reservoir
Dendritic: “tree branch-like” shape
Drainage Basin: region surrounding a lake or reservoir from which water is drained
Ecology: the study of organisms, their non-living environment, and the interaction
between both
Eutrophication: process whereby lakes and reservoirs become enriched with nutrients
(phosphorous and nitrogen mainly)
Fauna: animals
Flora: plants
Impoundment: a confined body of water
Lacustrine: of or pertaining to a lake or lakes
Limnology: the study of inland waters
Nutrients: chemical compounds needed by animals and plants to support life
Oligotrophic: low or lacking nutrients
Plankton: free-floating microscopic plants and animals
Runoff: carried by water originated from rain mainly
Sedimentation: process in which suspended particles settle to bottom
Water quality: a description of how good (adequate) a water is for a particular purpose
Watershed: either the dividing line between two water catchments or the catchment itself

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