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Freshwater Management Series No. 10

Managing Urban Sewage
An Introductory Guide for Decision-makers

I. Introduction

This document is part of the IETC series of Introductory Guides for Decision-makers. These guides are intended to assist decision-makers at the local level in understanding the issues and making informed decisions for the benefit of all citizens and stakeholders. It should be noted that this document does not address a number of critical issues that ultimately influence decisions related to urban sewage treatment, including:

  • Options for citizens to reduce waste and minimize discharges to the sewage system;
  • Potential application of smaller scale, decentralized treatment facilities and infrastructure;
  • Land application of biosolids;
  • Specific construction methods, such as those used for the installation and maintenance of underground sewage pipelines.

It is also important to note that the effectiveness of the overall system is based upon a sound regulatory framework, coupled with ongoing testing and evaluation.


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