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Integrated Watershed Management - Ecohydrology & Phytotechnology

The present manual focuses on the methodology and practical aspects of implementing Ecohydrology and Phytotechnology concepts for integrated watershed management. It serves as a complement to the Gudelines for the Integrated Management of the Watershed, published in 2002 by UNEP-IETC and UNESCO-IHP. The guidelines present, for the first time, the general philosophy of Ecohydrology and Phytotechnology.

In order to benefit from both the practical information presented in the manual and the scientific background provided by the guidelines, it is useful to familiarize oneself with these two publications. Both the manual and the guidelines can be found at IETC's Homepage:

This manual provides a new, multi-disciplinary approach to water resources management on a catchment scale. It provides decision makers with a broader understanding of phytotechnology methods by using practical examples of implementation. It also enhances the understanding of the relationships between hydrology and biota and their use (ecohydrology), while showing the need for a broader view on catchment management. This involves the application of new strategies by understanding the ecosystem properties in order to enhance the capacity.

This is a CD-ROM version of the publication.


Download Manual

Acknowledgments UNEP (PDF 97KB)
Table of Contents (PDF 49KB)
Introduction (PDF 1.88MB)
Surveys (PDF 8.33MB)
Management (PDF 5.62MB)
Appendix (PDF 1.48MB)


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