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Consultative Workshop on Water Footprint, Neutrality and Efficiency in Osaka, Japan, on 1-3 June 2010

UNEP-IETC organized the Consultative Workshop on Water Footprint, Neutrality and Efficiency on 1-3 June 2010 in Osaka, Japan. The workshop was co-organized by the Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC), a supporting organization of UNEP-IETC.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To review the progress on refinement of water footprint methodologies and tools to improve water efficiency and water quality; and

  • To discuss merits and challenges for wider applications of the water footprint concepts, particularly in developing countries.

This workshop was an integral part of a larger UNEP's Water Footprint, Neutrality and Efficiency (WaFNE) Umbrella project, in which UNEP-IETC is collaborating with UNEP Sustainable Consumption and Production (UNEP-SCP) Branch and UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI). IETC has contributed to developing and implementing this project since July 2009. In this occasion, we focused on practical project implementation and selection of pilot application sites based on previous discussions during the CEO Water Mandate working conference in August 2009 as well as Water Accounting and Efficiency Stocktaking Workshop by UNEP-SCP in November 2009. In addition to experts and practitioners of water footprint methodologies, representatives from three developing countries, potential candidates for geographical applications, were also invited to discuss the possibility of applying water footprint methodologies in their own countries.

In addition, we organized an open dialogue session with the participation of public and private sector representatives to build further understanding of the water footprint concept and their applications in Japan.

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