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Consultative Meeting on Water and Wastewater Management in Shiga, Japan, on 19-20 April 2010

IETC’s Water and Sanitation Pillar focuses on identifying EST options and management practices that are suitable for local environmental and socio-economic conditions; raising technical and institutional capacity to assess, introduce, and manage such options; supporting on-the-ground implementation of ESTs and management practices on a pilot basis; and providing information to support implementation using electronic and other means.

Since mid-2009, IETC has begun the process of refining institutional and pillar-specific strategies to further articulate its programming focus and niche areas. This work highlighted, among others, the need to support the replication of good practice and EST implementation through partnerships and networking. This consultative meeting was therefore held to take stock of existing knowledge and initiatives, and to discuss how to enhance partnerships and networks for water and wastewater management and replication of EST implementation.

The objectives of the Consultative Meeting on Water and Wastewater Management were as follows:

  • To share results and findings of ongoing and completed water and wastewater management initiatives of IETC and partners as well as to introduce recently initiated and suggested activities of IETC;

  • To discuss measures to enhance the transfer of environmentally sound technologies (ESTs), build partnerships and networking for water and wastewater management and articulate links to Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) initiative; and

  • To discuss strategies for scaling-up water and wastewater management and EST replication by UNEP and partner institutions.

The invited participants represented a select number of organizations with expertise and experiences in water and wastewater management including international organizations, partnership initiatives, governments, industry associations, as well as academia. The meeting also provided inputs to refine the Programmatic Package on Water and Wastewater Management, which encompasses IETC’s current areas of prioritization as well as emerging areas that merit further attention and partnership building. Cooperation modalities to further enhance programme delivery and upscaling of IETC’s programming were also discussed.

The meeting was co-organized by the International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC), a supporting organization of IETC. The Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC), the other IETC supporting organization, also participated in the meeting.

Please refer to the sections below for information related to the meeting.

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