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Regional Training Workshop on Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) based on 3R in Osaka, Japan, on 5-8 October 2009

Developing countries are facing uphill challenges to properly manage their waste, with most efforts being made to reduce the final volumes and to generate sufficient funds for waste management. If most of the waste could be diverted for material and resource recovery, then a substantial reduction in final volumes of waste could be achieved and the recovered material and resources could be utilized to generate revenue to fund waste management. This forms the premise for Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) system based on 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) principle. ISWM based on 3R approach is a useful system to support poverty alleviation and to promote partnership.

The development and implementation of ISWM requires comprehensive data on present and anticipated waste situations, supportive policy frameworks, knowledge and capacity to develop plans/systems, proper use of environmentally sound technologies, and appropriate financial instruments to support its implementation. The Regional Training Workshop, which took place in October 2009, aimed to build the capacity of practitioners and policy makers in the following topics:

  • waste characterization and quantification with future projections for all the waste generating sectors;
  • assessing the current waste management system and practices covering all the stages of the waste management chain;
  • setting up targets for ISWM and identifying stakeholders’ issues of concern; and
  • developing a comprehensive ISWM Plan by utilizing the information collected earlier.

Please refer to the sections below for information related to the workshop.

1. Agenda

2. Training Materials

3. Presentations

3. Information for the participants

NOTE: To protect the environment, we encourage the participants to print the necessary materials before they arrive for the workshop.
We highly encourage participants to review the materials in advance and prepare a list of important questions that they may want to ask during the workshop.

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