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Consultation Workshop on Waste Management Partnership in Geneva, Switzerland, on 30 November – 1 December 2009

Background and mandate

UNEP is implementing a project, “Waste Management: Converting Problems into Opportunities to improve Resource Efficiency (CORE Project) International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) of Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE).” This project aims to build national and local capacity on integrated waste management as well as on specific wastes including E-waste, waste agricultural biomass, and waste plastics based on 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) approach. This project covers demonstration projects for enabling policy framework and environmentally sound technologies (EST), training and regional capacity building and information dissemination to accelerate the process of replication and scaling up of demonstration projects.

This CORE project is in line with UNEP Governing Council decision (GC 25/8) on Waste Management. GC25/8 acknowledges the role of UNEP-DTIE-IETC and requests the Executive Director of UNEP to provide further assistance to developing countries in their efforts to strengthen national implementation of an Integrated Waste Management (IWM) approach. Furthermore, the Bali Declaration on Waste Management for Human Health and Livelihood re-confirms this decision. Moreover, UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) has also agreed to undertake waste as one of the focus areas for CSD 18.

So far, IETC has implemented 5 demonstration projects on IWM in 3 continents (Asia, Africa and South America) and now implementing IWM project in Nairobi City, Kenya. In addition to that IETC is also implementing 4 projects on waste biomass conversion, 2 projects on waste plastics conversion and one project on E-waste management. Training materials, compendium of technologies and guidelines have been developed for IWM and for management of specific waste streams.

Now we are organizing a consultation workshop to take stock of existing knowledge, initiatives and partnerships; and to discuss the possibility of establishing a global platform for waste management in line with the aims and objectives of CORE project for information dissemination, regional capacity building and promoting replication and scaling-up of waste management efforts.


The objectives of the consultation workshop are as follows:

  1. To discuss the stock of the information and to identify gaps and strategy to fill the gaps
  2. To discuss the strategies for information dissemination for replication and scaling-up of these efforts on waste management
  3. To discuss the partnerships across different agencies and governments aiming to build capacity on waste management in developing countries
  4. To explore the possibility of establishing a global platform to foster such partnerships, information dissemination, policy dialogues, capacity building and replication efforts

Please refer to the sections below for information related to the workshop.

1. Agenda

UNEP-DTIE-IETC in partnership with Secretariat of the Basel Convention (SBC) organizes 2-day workshop on 30 November - 1 December 2009 in Geneva. Overall agenda of the workshop is to review the stock of the information and discuss the strategy to streamline the efforts by the governments and agencies to boost the replication and scaling-up of activities in waste management in developing countries through information dissemination, policy dialogues and partnerships.

2. Documents/Presentations

3. Draft paper for discussions

4. Draft report of the workshop

5. Information for the participants

NOTE: To protect the environment, we encourage the participants to print the necessary materials before they arrive for the workshop.
We highly encourage participants to review the materials in advance and prepare a list of important questions that they may want to ask during the workshop.

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