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UNEP GCSS-XI/GMEF Special Event on Waste Management in Bali, Indonesia, on 25 February 2010


UNEP Governing Council decision (GC 25/8) on Waste Management acknowledges the work UNEP is undertaking in the field of waste management and requests the Executive Director UNEP to provide further assistance to developing countries in their efforts to strengthen national implementation of an Integrated Waste Management (IWM) approach, to support the implementation of the actions in the Bali Declaration on Waste Management for Human Health and Livelihood of the Basel Convention. The same decision invited international organisations and governments and members of the industry and business sector to provide resources and technical assistance including creating a conducive environment for facilitating investments in waste management, to strengthen support in the field of waste management in line with Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building, and to propose IWM as a key priority area for the UN “Delivering as one” initiative. UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) has agreed to undertake waste as one of the focus areas.

In order to seek a wider partnership on waste management, UNEP organised a consultative workshop on waste management partnership in December 2009. At the workshop, a proposal was discussed to establish a “Global Platform on Waste Management (GPWM)” for the purpose of establishing partnership, information sharing and exchange, and political dialogues, so that waste issues can be put in a higher political agenda.

This special event is organised in clear recognition of the importance of effective partnership and south-south cooperation. The objectives of the special event are:

  1. Introduce discussions on waste management; and global and regional action on waste management;
  2. Discuss a need for partnership for waste management, particularly global partnership, including south-south cooperation.

Please refer to the section below for information related to the special event.

1. Agenda

2. Documents

NOTE: To protect the environment, we encourage the participants to print the necessary materials before they arrive for the event.