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<Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augumentation
in Latin America and The Caribbean>



The main objective of this project was to prepare a comprehensive inventory of technologies available in Latin America and the Caribbean for augmenting and maximizing the use of existing freshwater resources in order to assist water resource planners and managers, in both governmental and nongovernmental organizations and institutions, by providing them with information on different types of technologies. This objective is outlined in the UNEP 1994/95 workplan under the subprogrammes Environmental Management of Freshwater Resources, and Technology Transfer. These actions are undertaken in support of chapters 18 and 34 of Agenda 21 and are consistent with the Global Programme of Action on Small Island Developing States (the Barbados Declaration). The project encourages access to, and transfer of, environmentally sound technology as an essential requirement for sustainable development. Other objectives include meeting the need of planners in Latin America and the Caribbean to maximize and augment freshwater resources using technologies appropriate to the region; providing planners in Latin America and the Caribbean with accurate information on different technologies which can be used to augment and maximize freshwater resources; improving information exchange on appropriate technologies; and enhancing the capabilities of Latin America and the Caribbean countries to address problems of freshwater scarcity.


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