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<Technical Workbook on Environmental Management Tools for Decision Analysis>

In March and April 1999, the UNEP-IETC and the Technical Cooperation Council of the Philippines of the Department of Foreign Affairs collaborated to conduct an International Training on Environmental Management (ITEM) for Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Twenty-five participants representing six LDCs attended the two-week program which highlighted an ecological perspective, and presented environmental management fundamentals and sustainable development challenges and applications. A significant portion of ITEM focused on environment management (EM) tools and approaches, such as, Environment Planning, Freshwater Management, Environmental Health Planning and Management, Environmental Technology Assessment, Urban Planning, Environmental Management Systems, Protected Areas Management, Solid Waste Management and Ecotourism. These were delivered through a variety of methods by a seasoned team of UNEP resource persons and national Philippine experts. Training participants contributed their own perspectives through country papers and discussions leading up to the development of action programs in their respective areas.


----- Table of Contents -----

Executive Summary

Overview of the Publication

Part I: Environmental Management Tools - Technical Papers

1. Environmental Technology Assessment

2. Environmental Risk Assessment

3. Rapid Urban Environmental Assessment

4. Environmental Profile

5. Environmental Management Systems

Part II: Trainer's Workbook

1. Introduction

2. Training Management Guide

3. Orientation Seminar (on all EM tools)

4. Training Module One: Environmental Technology Assessment

5. Training Module Two: Environmental Risk Assessment

6. Training Module Three: Rapid Urban Environmental Assessment

7. Training Module Four: Environmental Profile

8. Training Module Five: Environmental Management Systems



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