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<Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augumentation
in Some Countries in Asia>

2.Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI)

Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) is a research and consulting organisation developing and applying advanced methods and technologies within hydraulic and water resources engineering.

DHI offers a broad spectrum of services, software tools and model test facilities related to offshore, coastal, port, river, water resources, urban hydraulics and environmental engineering.

For DHI, it has always been fundamental to establish a thorough understanding of the physics behind the hydraulic phenomena-and then develop the appropriate tools. DHI's consultancy work thus combines sound physical understanding with the most advanced methodologies available. Since the establishment in 1964, projects have been undertaken in more than 100 countries.

DHI is an independent self-supporting organisation. Affiliated to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, it is a member of a group of specialized institutes which cover a wide spectrum of applied technologies and engineering services. The DHI staff numbers 210 (1996) of whom 140 hold PhD or MSC degrees.

The Bangladesh Regional Office has been established since 1988 to cater for the needs of the Asian region and to transfer technology to Bangladesh.


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