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Annex 7

Table of Conversion Factors for Metric and U.S. Customary Units

This water-quantity equivalents and conversion factor lists is for those interested in converting units. The right-hand column includes units expressed in two systems C US Customary and International System (metric). Units, which are written in abbreviated form below, are spelled out in parentheses the first time they appear. To convert from the unit in the left-hand column to that in the right, multiply by the number in the right-hand column. Most of the quantities listed were rounded to five significant figures. However, for many purposes, the first two or three significant figures are adequate for determining many water-quantity relations, such as general comparisons of water availability with water use or calculations in which the accuracy of the original data itself does not justify more than three significant figures. Quantities shown in italics are exact equivalents C no rounding was necessary. Regarding length of time, each calendar year is assumed (for this list) to consist of 365 days.

Annex 7-1

Annex 7-2

Annex 7-3

Prepared by John C. Krammer, US Geological Survey (National Water Summary 1990-1991)

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