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<Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augumentation
in Small Island Developing States>


Annex 1


The compiler and publishers express appreciation to the following participants at the Workshop on Technologies for Maximising and Augmenting Freshwater Resources in Small Islands (South Pacific, Indian Ocean and South China Seas), held at the SOPAC Secretariat during February 1996: David Rojas, Tony Falkland, Joesron Loebis, Farooq Mohamed Hassan, Rohit Mungra, Leonie Crennan, Stephen Winter, Jaques Guillen, Ronald Cetoupe, Taboia Metutera, Taito Delana and Lineke Mourits.

Appreciation is also extended to Mr O.K. Buros, CH2M Hill International Ltd for his paper on desalination; Tony Falkland, ACTEW Corporation; and, John la Roche, Water for Survival, for review and comments on the first draft of this Source Book.

The following are gratefully acknowledged for their assistance in the production of the Source Book: Elizabeth Khaka, Ed Burke, Aliti Sema, and Lala Bukarau.

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