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<Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augumentation in Africa>


The workshop of experts on freshwater augmentation technologies from Africa, who finalized this report in Harare, made the following recommendations:

  1. UNEP should facilitate the distribution of the Source Book(s) for use by planners, water resource managers, extension workers, researchers and educators worldwide.

  2. Institutions (governmental and private, NGOs and donors), both local and international, should strengthen the development and adoption of favourable policies for the use of freshwater augmentation techniques; wherever practicable, they should sponsor local entrepreneurs to further develop some of these techniques.

  3. UNEP, in collaboration with other multilateral and bilateral agencies and programmes, should facilitate, through appropriate institutions, the regular updating of the Source Book(s). Users of the Source Book(s) should promote the Source Book(s) by documenting further development of existing technologies and by providing information on new technologies.

  4. Local training institutions should support applied research programmes aimed at improving the performance of existing freshwater augmentation techniques and the development of new ones. The collection of new, and the updating of existing, information should be made an ongoing activity of the participating institutions.

  5. Implementing agencies should, insofar as is practicable, build on local experiences and structures, giving due consideration to cultural practices and emphasizing partnerships with beneficiary communities. A community-centred decision-making process, especially one that builds on women's capacities, should be adopted for successful promotion of many of these technologies.

  6. Implementing agencies and beneficiary communities should endeavour to better document alternative technologies and their experiences, especially with regard to costs and benefits, in order to ascertain the effectiveness and efficiency of the technologies.

  7. The recipients of the book should endeavour to promote its use and to circulate the information.


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