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<Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augumentation in Africa>

2. Institute of Water and Sanitation Development (IWSD)

The Institute of Water and Sanitation Development is a non profit organization building capacity in the water and sanitation sector of the Southern Africa region. Formed as a UNDP-World Bank Project in 1989, the Institute has established a sound basis for its sustainable operation on a self financing basis.

Support from the UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Programme (RWSG-EA) ended in 1996 having been instrumental in the formation and growth of the Institute since 1989. It is expected that the Programme will continue to be closely associated with the Institute and use its services from time to time.

IWSD considers training as one of the important elements of human resource development, awareness creation and institutional strengthening. Training activities of the Institute are continuously growing. While the Institute's Community Management of Water Supplies and Sanitation course continued to be popular, the introduction of a course dealing with leak detection is welcomed in particular by the Local Authorities. The Institute took over responsibility for the training of water and waste water plant operators in 1996 at the request of the City of Harare. Since 1997 this programme is fully managed by the Institute.

Several research projects are being developed by IWSD with a focus on water management and water and the environment. A NORAD funded project on waste water treatment being carried out with the City of Harare has progressed well and provides valuable lessons.

A wide range of clients are using the Institute's technical support services. The client base will be expanded and opportunities are sought where IWSD would contribute meaningfully to policy change in the management and delivery of water and sanitation services. The information and advisory support services of IWSD are also becoming an effective resource for the water and sanitation sector in the African region.


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