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<International Source Book On Environmentally Sound Technologies
for Wastewater and Stormwater Management>


The preparation of this Source Book was the result of collaborative effort by many experts and institutions. The project was launched with an 'International Experts Meeting on Sustainable Management of Wastewater and Stormwater' in Osaka, Japan on 6 - 8 May 1998. The proposal coming from the meeting was refined by UNEP IETC and METC (Murdoch University Environmental Technology Centre), and the administrative aspects of the project were managed by IETC.

Overall responsibility for design, writing and editing of the book was in the hands of Managing Consultant and Editor Dr. Goen Ho of Murdoch University Environmental Technology Centre (METC). Training materials based on the book were prepared by Professor Cedo Maksimovic of the Environmental and Water Resources Group, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, and will be published separately. Figures prepared for the training materials are used in the Source Book. Professor Maksimovic also contributed materials on stormwater management. Dr. Peter Edwards, Asia Institute of Technology, Thailand, prepared the Source Book section on Aquaculture.

Several consultants prepared the regional overviews and compiled the lists of information sources. They are:

Dr. Bernd H. Dieterich, Environmental Consultant, France (West Europe)
Dr. Ute Enderlein, Consultant to WHO, Geneva (East Europe)
Professor Lekan Oyebande, University of Lagos, Nigeria (Africa)
Professor Muhammad Shatanawi, University of Jordan (West Asia)
Ms. Nguyen Kim Minh, Vietnam Consultants for Water Supply and Environment (Asia Pacific)
Dr. Troy D. Vassos, NovaTec Consultants Inc., Canada (North America)
Mr. Augusto Sergio Pinto Guimaraes, GAIA - Engenharia Ambiental Ltda, Brazil (Central and South America)
Mr. Ed Burke, SOPAC, Fiji (SIDS - Pacific)
Mr. Arthur B. Archer, Consultant, Barbados (SIDS - Caribbean)
Dr. Vladimir Rojanschi provided some preliminary information on Central Europe.

Peer review was conducted internally by all consultants, as well as externally for different sections by:

Dr. Mahasaki Nakamura, Lake Biwa Research Institute, Japan
Dr. John Kalbermatten, Consultant, Washington DC
Mr. Richard Middleton, Consultant, Washington DC
Ms Barbara Evans, UNDP/WB Water and Sanitation Programme
Mr. Leo de Vries, UNEP GPA, Netherlands

In addition feedback was obtained from decision makers from 18 countries in Central and South America at the pilot training workshop held in Rio de Janeiro 27 - 31 March 2000. Appendix 1 on Health Impacts was contributed by Drs. Jamie Bartram and Richard Carr of WHO, Geneva.

Special thanks are extended to all the above.


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