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Appendix 1

Regional Wastewater Agencies Data Sheets

Country/State Waste Characteristics Collection and Transfer
American Samoa
2,600 house & business connections. AC; PVC & fibreglass pipes pumped systems
Cook Islands ND No reticulation system except some hotels
Kosrae, FSM
- oxidation ponds to outfall
- septic tanks to outfall
Pohnpei, FSM
SS~100 mg/l
1,120 connections
gravity system
Chuuk, FSM
- 475 + connection
- gravity/pump system
- AC/cast iron pipes
Yap, FSM 1600m3/d domestic Less than 3,000 people pumped system
BOD 450 to 20-44 mg/l
SS 290 + 30-60 mg/l
20,700 connections
148,000 people
French Polynesia ND ND
54,000m3/d total
34,800m3/d domestic
BOD 70 to 320 mg/l
- 2,000 connections
- pumped raw to outlet saltwater flush
Nauru ND Pumped raw to outlets using saltwater flush
New Caledonia ND ND
No reticulation
400 septic tanks
Mariana Islands ND ND
Palau ND ND
Papa New Guinea ND Urban centres only
Marshall Islands ND 1,300 households on Majuro, saltwater flush
Solomon Islands
25,000 people reticulated pumped raw to outfall
6% of population has access to reticulation system
Tokelau ND No reticulation system
Tonga ND No reticulation system
Tuvalu ND No reticulation system
Vanuatu ND No reticulation system
Western Samoa ND No reticulation system
ND = No Data


Country/State Disposal Policy & Distortional
American Samoa
Treated effluence discharged into two deep sea outfalls ASPA utility, EPA standards
Cook Islands Into ground Build codes for septic tanks, No standards
Kosrae, FSM
Deep sea outfall (30m), River discharges Regulations but not enforced
Pohnpei, FSM Sea outfall Pohnpei Utility Corp.
Chuuk, FSM Sea outfall Chuuk Utility Corp.
Yap, FSM
Sea outfall
Yap State Public Services Corp. EPA but no legislation
Sea and river outfalls
Public Works but will be corporatised soon
French Polynesia ND ND
Guam Sea outfall EPA regulation
Kiribati 3 sea outfalls Public Utilities Board, No standards
Nauru 5 sea outfalls Nauru phosphate Corporation
New Caledonia ND ND
Into ground
Building codes for septic tanks, No standards
Mariana Islands ND ND
Palau ND ND
Papa New Guinea Sea outfall The Water Board, Private Companies
Marshall Islands
Sea outfall
Major Water & Sewer Corp. EAP regulations, little enforcement
Solomon Islands 17 sea outfall for Honiara Solomon Islands Water Authority
Marshes & rivers
Public Utility Corp, Division of Environmental monitors pollution.
Tokelau Into ground ND
Tonga Into ground Tonga Water Board
Tuvalu Into ground Public Work, Building code for septic tanks
Vanuatu Into ground ND
Western Samoa Into ground Samoa Water Board, No standards
ND = No Data


Country/State Treatment Reuse
American Samoa Primary treatment None
Cook Islands Septic tanks & latrines None
Kosrae, FSM Oxidation ponds, septic tanks None
Pohnpei, FSM Activated sludge but not working None
Chuuk, FSM Secondary treatment but not working None
Yap, FSM Primary treatment, Imhoff tanks None
Fiji   None
French Polynesia ND ND
Guam Secondary treatment ND
Kiribati None for reticulated, septic tanks & latrines  
Nauru None for reticulation, septic tanks None
New Caledonia ND ND
Niue Septic tanks, latrines None
Mariana Islands Secondary treatment ND
Palau ND ND
Papa New Guinea Preliminary, oxidation ponds, septic tanks None
Marshall Islands None for reticulation, septic tanks None
Solomon Islands None for reticulation, septic tanks and latrines None
Seychelles   Minimal to gardens
Tokelau Septic tanks, latrines & over water latrines None
Tonga Septic tanks None
Tuvalu Septic tanks & latrines None
Vanuatu Septic tanks & latrines None
Western Samoa Septic tanks & latrines None
ND = No Data


Country/State Training Public Education
American Samoa
ASPA privative on state training and regional training In-house training, buddy system with neighbouring SIDS
Cook Islands Minimal None
Kosrae, FSM Minimal None
Pohnpei, FSM In-house training None
Chuuk, FSM In-house training None
Yap, FSM Local on-going Yes, radio & public meeting
Fiji Local & overseas Minimal
French Polynesia ND ND
Guam ND ND
Kiribati Minimal Minimal
Nauru In-house Minimal
New Caledonia ND ND
Niue None Minimal
Mariana Islands ND ND
Palau ND ND
Papa New Guinea In-house & overseas Public awareness campaigns
Marshall Islands Minimal Minimal
Solomon Islands Minimal Minimal
Seychelles ND ND
Tokelau None None
Tonga Minimal Minimal
Tuvalu Minimal Minimal
Vanuatu Minimal None
Western Samoa Minimal Minimal
ND = No Data


Country/State Financing Stormwater Disposal
American Samoa
Wastewater charged to water bill but still a deficit that is covered by surplus in power sector Not managed by any agency but Public Water Dept. maintain culverts.
Cook Islands None None
Kosrae, FSM
No changed
Wastewater budget $US14,000
Drainage of road areas
Pohnpei, FSM Through water charges None
Chuuk, FSM ND None
Yap, FSM No charges, subsided by water/power Ground soakage, no system, no legation
Fiji $US0.11/m3 of water used Drainage disposal for in urban areas only
French Polynesia    
Drainage diverted into deep soakage wells
Kiribati No charges, subsided by water/power None
Nauru Paid by Nauru Phosphate Company Roadside
New Caledonia ND ND
Niue None Roadside
Mariana Islands ND ND
Palau ND ND
Papa New Guinea Based on % of metered water supply In urban centres only
Marshall Islands Subsided by water/power None
Solomon Islands
No charged, subsided by
Honiara by Municipal Authority oversee statements
1/3 of water bill and subsided by water rates Not allowed into public sewers
Tokelau None None
Tonga None Roadside
Tuvalu None None
Vanuatu None Roadside
Western Samoa None Roadside


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