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7.10 Information sources (Topic j)

The main information sources on wastewater are publications of the European Union, the OECD, the UNECE: "Convention of the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes", and the UN/ECE "Environmental Performance Reviews". While in Accession countries the political situation is quite stabile, in some other transition countries the government has chanced after elections, which reflect the structure of the ministry dealing with water/wastewater.

According to the available sources the following institutions/ministries could be contacted in order to get access to information related to water management/wastewater:

The addresses are taken from the internet-page of UN/ECE "Convention on the Protection and use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes": /water (from the ECE-homepage, choose "Environment and Human Settlement", then "Water", then "Addresses", and then "National focal points"). The addresses are regularly updated and might serve as an focal point to find the right information and people.

Committee of Environmental Protection and Preservation
Ministry of Health and Environment
Fax: (355 42) 652 29

Department of Protection of Water Resources
Ministry of Nature Protection
35, Moskovian Street
Yerevan 375002
Fax: (3742) 15 18 40

State Committee on Ecology and Nature Conservation
Istiglatyyat str.31
370001 Baku
Fax: (99412) 92 59 07

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
10, Kollektornaya str.
200048 Minsk
Fax: (37 5172) 20 7261 / 4771

Ministry of Environment and Water
Bulv. Maria Luiza 22
1000 Sofia
Fax: (3592) 980 96 41

State Water Directorate
220, Av. Vukovar
41000 Zagreb
Fax: (385 1) 61 51 821

Czech Republic
Department of Water Protection
Ministry of Environment
65, Vrsovicka
100 10 Prague 10
Fax: (4202) 67 31 03 08

Environmental Protection Department
Ministry of Environment
24, Toompuiestee
0100 Tallinn
Fax: (372 62 62 801

Ministry of Environmental Protection
68a, Kostava str.
380015 Tbilisi
Fax: (995 32) 94 36 70

Ministry of Environment
1011 Budapest
Fax: (361) 201 2846

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development,
25, Peldu iela
1006 Riga
Fax: (371 7) 820 442

Environmental Protection Ministry
9, A. Juozapavi iaus
2600 Vilnius
Fax: (370 2) 72 84 24

Water Resources Department
Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry
52/54, ul. Wawelska
00-922 Warsaw
Fax: (48 22) 825 47 61

Republic of Molodva
State Ecological Inspection
Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development
9, Cosmonautilor Str
2005 Chisinau
Fax: (373 2) 22 07 48 / 27 74 86

Department of Water
Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection
12, bd. Libertatii, Sector 5
Fax: (401) 410 20 32

Russian Federation
Ministry of Natural Resources
3B, Orlikov Lane
107 130 Moscow
Fax: (7 095) 208 1177/4364

Department of Water Protection
Ministry of Environment
1, Nam. L. Stura
81 235 Bratislava
Fax: (4217) 59 56

Ministry of Environment and Regional Planning
48, Dunajska
1000 Ljubljana
Fax: (38 661) 178 7422

Republic of Macedonia
Ministry of Urban Planning, Construction and Environment
14, Dame Gruev
91000 Skopje
Fax: (389 91) 117 163

Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety
5, Khreshchatyk str.
252601 Kiev
Fax: (38044) 228 7798

The former European Water Pollution Control Association (EWPCA), renamed to European Water Association (EWA), is an association of professional European organisations and individual members - within the water/wastewater and solid waste sector - providing a forum for views and interests of professionals and technicians in the sector. EWA has published a list of there National Representatives in the internet: , which includes addresses of members from Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Several transition countries have their own homepage for presenting environmental matters on the ministerial level, where also information on wastewater can be gathered (Maass, 1999). Examples are:

Estonia, paragraph 8: surface water (National Environmental Strategy) (wastewater legislation).

Poland (legislation, publications: The State of the Environment in Poland).

Slovenia (legislation)

Czech Republic (State of the Environment in the Czech Republic, Water in the Czech Republic, paragraph 4: Water in User's Systems).

Hungary (State of the Environment, paragraph: Water , Pollution of surface water) (Page of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Water).

European Union, DG I,,(Progress of the Accession Countries).


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