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5.7 Training (Topic g)

The notes below are mostly based on the Latin America and the Caribbean Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Teaching Institutions Directory, that was published in 1991 by the WHO/PAHO's Health and Environment Programme (HPE). It must be stressed that the first version of this publication, released in 1987, concentrated on sanitary and public health engineering. The second version released in 1991 reflected the worldwide trend toward environmental considerations that had swept the Region's countries6 by expanding the scope of existing courses towards environmental engineering or creating new and pure environmental engineering courses.

The professional training scope in the Region has widened over the 90's for better or worse from the anthropocentric sanitary engineering to the ecocentric environmental engineering. It is also worthwhile mentioning that PAHO is updating the aforesaid document which will be issued later this year. Predictions for this updated document are for an even greater emphasis on environmental engineering.

Table 5.8: Institutions that offer graduation and post-graduation courses in sanitary and environmental engineering:
Country Graduation Courses Post-Graduation Courses
Argentina   1
Brazil 7 10
Colombia 5 4
Chile 1 2
Ecuador   1
Guatemala   1
Mexico 3 7
Panama 1  
Peru 2 1
Venezuela 3 2
6 Though referred to in the title no specific course was reported as existing in the Caribbean countries.


5.7.1 Existing graduation courses

Table 5.9: Existing graduation courses in Brazil
Institution Course Address   Telephone Title Issued
Federal University of Mato Grosso, Sanitary Engineering Department (ESA) Sanitary Engineering CCET Cidade Universitária Cuiabá MT
PO Box 78000
(55 68) 315-8720 Sanitary Engineer
Mauá Technology Institute
Mauá Engineering School (FEM)
Sanitary Engineering Estrada das Lágrimas 2035 São Caetano do Sul SP, CEP 09580 (55 11) 442-1900 Sanitary Engineer
Campinas Catholic University
Technological Sciences School (FCT)
Sanitary Engineering Rodovia D. Pedro I, km 112Campinas SP, CEP 13100, PO Box 317 (55 19) 252-0899 Civil Engineer, specialized in Sanitary Engineering
Campinas State University (UNICAMP) , Technological Education Superior Center (CESET) Water and Sanitation Technology Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz
Campinas SP CEP 13100, PO Box 1170
(55 19) 239 1301 Water and Sanitation Technician
State of Bahia Federal University, (UFBA), Polytechnical School (EPUFBA) Sanitary Engineering Rua Augusto Viann s/n Salvador, Bahia, CEP 40000 (55 71) 245-2811 Sanitary Engineer
State of Para Federal University(UFPa) Technological Center (TE) Sanitary Engineering Campus Universitário do GuamEbr> Belém Pa
CEP 66000, PO Box 549
(55 91) 229-2088 Sanitary Engineer
State of Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSc)
Sanitary Engineering Department (ENS)
Sanitary Engineering Campus Universitário de TrindadeFlorianópolis SC
CEP 88049, PO Box 476
(55 42) 248-2480 Sanitary Engineer


Table 5.10: Existing graduation courses in Colombia
Institution Course Address Telephone Title Issued
Corporación Universitaria de Boyacá (CUB), Sanitary and Environmental Engineering School (FISA) Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Calle no. 19, no.11-64Tunja Boyacá
PO Box 1118
425-930 Sanitary Engineer
Antioquia University Sanitary Engineering Calle no. 67, no. 53-108
Ciudad Universitaria, Medellé‹Zona Postal 1, PO Box 1223
263-0011 Sanitary Engineer
De la Salle University (US), Sanitary Engineering School (FIS) Sanitary Engineering Carrera no.2, no. 10-70 Bogotá 283-0900 Sanitary Engineer
Del Valle University (U. V.)Environmental Sanitation Section' Sanitary Engineering
Study Plan
Ciudad Universitaria Melendez Cali 393-041/45 Sanitary Engineer
Sanitary Engineering Study Planning   Valle PO Box 25360     
District University, Francisco Jose de Caldas, Social and Community Development Institute (IDEMCO) Environmental Sanitation Technology Carrera 8ª. No. 40-80 Bogotá
PO Box 8668
88-7111 Environmental Sanitation Technician


Table 5.11: Existing graduation courses in Chile
Institution Course Address Telephone Title Issued
Chile University
Physical and Mathematics Science School
Civil Engineering with specialization in Sanitary Engineering Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 1058 Santiago 69-61424 Civil Engineer


Table 5.12: Existing graduation courses in Mexico
Institution Course Address Telephone Title Issued
National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), Technology Interdisciplinary Professional Unit (UPIBI) Environmental Engineering Avenida del Acueducto s/n
Barrio de la Laguna
Ticomán, 07300, PO Box 7574
754-4079  Environmental Engineer
Puebla Autonomous University (UAP) Civil Engineering School (EIC) Sanitary Engineering Calle 4-Sur no. 104
45-8181 Civil Engineer
Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM), Metropolitan Autonomous University Azacapotzalco (UAM-A) Environmental Engineering Edificio M. Ávila, Calle Juárez, México DF53390, PO Box 325 576-3390 Environmental Engineer


Table 5.13: Existing graduation courses in Panama
Institution Course Address Telephone Title Issued
Panama Technology University (UTP) Civil Engineering School (FIC) Civil Engineering with specialization in Hydraulics and Sanitary Engineering Ciudfad Universitaria Octavio Méndez PereiraEl Dorado, PO Box 6-2894 63-8000 Civil Engineer


Table 5.14: Existing graduation courses in Peru
Institution Course Address Telephone Title Issued
Santiago Antunez de Mayolo Ancash National University (UNASAM)
Environment Sciences School
Av. Centenario 200
Huaraz Ancash
PO Box 70
72-1452 Environmental Engineer
Engineering National University (UNI)
Environmental Engineering School (FIA)
Sanitary Engineering Av. Tupac Amaru s/n
Lima 25PO Box 1301
(51 1) 481-1070 Sanitary Engineer


Table 5.15: Existing graduation courses in Venezuela
Institution Course Address Telephone Title Issued
Venezuela Central UniversitySanitary Engineering Department, (UCV), Engineering School Civil Engineering with specialization in Sanitary Engineering Ciudad Universitaria Los Chaguaramos
Caracas, 1050-A
619811 Civil Engineer with specialization in Sanitary Engineering
Lisandro Alvarado Center- Western University (UCLA) Civil Engineering School (EIC) Civil Engineering Carrera 19 and Calle 8
Barquisimeto, Lara3001, PO Box 400
51-413665 Civil Engineer
Eastern UniversityAnzoategui Venue (UDO)Civil Engineering Department Civil Engineering Carretera Negra
Puerto de la Cruz
81 - 663827 Civil Engineer
Zulia University (LUZ)
Civbil Engineering School
Civil Engineering with specialization in Sanitary Engineering Av. 16, entre Calle 67 aand 69MaracaiboPO Box 4003 61-512209 Civil Engineer

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