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5.2.2 On-site Sanitation.

Unfortunately there is some confusion in the Region in relation to sanitation and sewerage. These words have been taken, in the practical sense as equivalent terms. As a result the many positive opportunities in the Region for sanitation companies to install on-site systems or to design for future implementation of on-site systems have not been taken, instead there is an insistance on considering conventional sewerage (off-site sanitation) as the only valid sanitation option.

As an exception to the rule, during the last decade the State of Mato Grosso do Sul Water and Sanitation Company (SANESUL), with technical assistance provided by TAG Brazil, decided to borrow money from the Federal Savings Bank (CEF)'s Water and Sanitation Fund and carry out a huge on-site sanitation programme for the low-income areas of Campo Grande, the State capital4. The programme comprised the supply of a sanitation superstructure including cistern flush and low-water volume toilet set (VDR), shower and bathing place, and washing basin and sink. This programme has been discontinued, however there may be some chance that it will return given indications by Mr. Airton Sampaio Gomes as the President of SANESUL that it will be "resurrected" as per words by Mr. Gomes himself to the Consultant.

4 : Assessment of this programme has been reported as "Case Study"

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