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3.11 Case studies (Topic k)

3.11.1 The study on urban drainage and wastewater disposal system in Hanoi

Study Period : October 29,1993-February 28,1995
Counterpart Agency : Hanoi People's Committee
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam


Hanoi is the capital city of Viet Nam, which is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. The Government of Viet Nam (GOV) has long been keen to improve the drainage and wastewater disposal systems as quickly as possible in order to sustain Hanoi's economic growth and hygienic improvement.

Existing drainage and wastewater disposal systems are falling into a state of disrepair and their conveyance capacities are being reduced (Photo 3.1). This results in frequent flooding of the urban area and deterioration of water quality in rivers and lakes of the surrounding areas. These have been creating serious problems for the environment and have hampered economic development activities. In recent years, several peripheral areas have been subject to rapid population increase and development without provision of adequate drainage and wastewater disposal systems. This further aggravates the problems (Photos 3.2).

Photo 3.1: Kimnguu River

Photo 3.2: Yenmy Village


The Study's objectives are: (1) to formulate a master plan (target year: 2005) on urban drainage and wastewater disposal systems in the central part of Hanoi City (almost 135km2) and (2) to conduct a feasibility study (F/S) on urban drainage systems and/or wastewater systems for the prioritized projects selected in the master plan.

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