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<International Source Book On Environmentally Sound Technologies
for Wastewater and Stormwater Management>

UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC)
Osaka Office
2-110 Ryokuchi-koen
Osaka 538

Telephone: +81-6-915-4580
Fax: +81-6-915-0304
Contact: Ms. Lilia Casanova, Deputy Director

Topics Covered: g h j
Description: UNEP's International Environmental Technology Center (IETC), the publisher of this Source Book, was inaugurated in April 1994 to provide a unique contribution in promoting environmentally sound technologies (ESTs), including their transfer and utilization. The Centre is now constructing its own database covering ESTs with the assistance of the Global Environment Center Foundation (GEC) and the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC), both Japanese supporting organizations to IETC.
In 1995, UNEP-IETC, in collaboration with UNEP Industry and Environment/PAC (Paris) and INFOTERRA (Nairobi), undertook a survey of 400 organizations involved in EST information dissemination. A report to the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) on this survey has recently been prepared which identifies 84 EST related information systems. IETS's site on the World Wide Web provides an extensive list of EST information sources, which covers institutions worldwide.
Format of information: Reports, newsletters, training materials
Language: English
Consulting or support services: Provides advisory services to selected locations though joint activities known as the "Sustainable Cities Programs" with UNCHS (Habitat).
Fees: None

United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)
1-47-1 Nagono, Nakamura-ku
Nagoya 450

Telephone: +81-52-5619378
Fax: +81-52-5619374
Contact: Antonio L. Fernandez

Topics Covered: a h j
Description: UNCRD is a research and training institution dealing with regional (sub national) and urban development planning. Beginning in 1987, it conducted a research project on the "Improvement of Solid Waste Management in the Context of Metropolitan Management in the Asian Countries". Presently, MSWM-related activities are linked with a project on urban environmental management. UNCRD has held meetings on different aspects of MSWM-financial, institutional, citizen participation, recycling, partnerships-in cooperation with government institutions in China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
On the basis of collaborative research with local officials and universities, UNCRD has published papers in its journal, "Regional Development Studies". The Center also disseminates MSWM information in developing countries via its newsletter, "SWM Info" and includes MSWM topics in its International Training Course in Regional Development Planning, held April-May each year.
Format of information: Publications are in paper format.
Internet: Forthcoming:
Language: English and Japanese
Consulting or support services: Requests for training and collaborative research from public institutions and technical cooperation agencies may be addressed to the Director.
Fees: Most publication are distributed free, although some must be purchased. The "Research Report Series" is also available. UNCRD also exchanges publications with others.

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