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Environmental Impact Management Agency (BAPEDAL) - Indonesia
11 Floor, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman # 2

Telephone: +62 21 570 3419
Fax: +62 21 583 918
Email: None
Ms Masnellyerti Hilman, Director, Hazardous Waste Management

Topics covered: f h j
Description: The Agency develops policies, for mullets regulations and laws, reviews existing laws and regulations, and recommends amendments whenever necessary. It also disseminates information on environmental conservation, pollution control, and issues of waste management.
Format of information: Books, reports, code of practice, and materials for human resources development.
Internet: None
Language: Materials are mainly in Indonesian with some editions in others languages.
Consulting or support services: Provides technical support services to government agencies, businesses and the communities.
Fees : Materials are distributed free or at low cost.

Environmental Protection Agency Australia
10 Blackall Street
Barton, ACT 260

Telephone: +61 6 274 1498
Fax: +61 6 274 1230
Contact: Mr Mark Hyman, Asst Secretary

Topics Covered: a e f g h j
Description: The waste management Branch of the Australian EPA implements the National Waste Minimization and Recycling Strategy, regulates the dumping of waste at sea, works to minimize the pollution of the marine environment from shipping activities, and regulates the import and export of hazardous waste. It is establishing the National Pollutant Inventory, participating in the development of management plans for the disposal of scheduled waste, and promoting redemption of contaminated sites. Under the National Waste Minimization and Recycling Strategy established in 1992, the Federal Government, together with the state and territory governments, has developed a range of initiatives that will help achieve the national target for the reduction of waste going to landfills by 50% by 2000, based on 1990 per-capita levels.
Format of information: Reports, guidebooks and materials on waste minimization, recycling, and reuse.
Internet: http://
                The Waste management Branch of EPA is at
Language: English
Consulting or support services: The Environmental Resources Office Scheme of the Agency provides officers in each state and territory Local Government Association to deal specifically with waste matters.
Fees: Materials are distributed free or at low cost.

Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC)
2-110 Ryokuchi-koen
Osaka 538

Telephone: +81-6-915-4121
Fax: +81-6-915-0181
Contact: Prof. Nobuaki Kumagai, President

Topics Covered: a c d e g h i
Description: The Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) is a nonprofit organization that supports the Osaka Office of UNEP's International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC). It also collects and disseminates information on environmentally sound technologies for MSWM and other fields related to the environment. The center has constructed a searchable database on environmental technology within its World Wide Web site. Listings of technical information sources are also provided through the Internet. A list of specialists in several environmental fields is available for those seeking such advice.
Format of information: Reports, newsletters
Internet: Summaries of about 160 Japanese solid waste treatment technologies are provided on the Environmental Technology Database at
Language: English and Japanese
Consulting or support services: Provides technical information upon request.
Fees: None

Hanoi Sewerage Drainage company
8 Van ho

Telephone: +84 49 762245
Fax: +84 49 762663
Contact: Le minh Chau, Director

Topics Covered: a b f h e
Description: HDSC is agency responsible for the implementation and operation and maintenance of the drainage and sewerage system. Reviews and amends the existing environmental framework whenever necessary. It recommends and provides fiscal instruments for pollution abatement and to improve environmental management capacity in government, the private sector, and in communities.
Format of information: Reports, books, technical papers, newsletters, manuals, and handbooks.
Internet: None
Language: Mainly in Vietnamese, with some publications in other languages.
Consulting or support services: It undertakes contract construction, operation and maintenance sewage system.
Fees: None or at very low cost.

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