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3.10 Information sources (Topic j)

Asian Development Bank
P.O. Box 789
Manila Central Post Office
0980 Manila

Telephone: + 63-2-632-4444
Fax: + 63-2-636-2444
Dr. Shih-Liang Tu
Environmental specialist

Topics covered: a b c d e f g h j.
Description: The ADB is a regional development bank. It has 40 regional members from all parts of Asia, and 16 non-regional members from Europe and North America. The bank makes loans and equity investments for the economic and social advancement of Asian countries, provides technical assistance in the preparation and execution of development projects, and catalyzes investment of public and private capital for development purposes. Some of the Bank's projects have included MSWM.
Format of information:
Internet: http:/
Language: English
Consulting or support services: Responds to requests for assistance in coordination development policies and plans.
Fees: some materials are distributed free and others at a low cost.


Asian Society for Environmental Protection
Rm B219, AIT Center
Asian Institute of Technology
GPO Box 2754
Bangkok 10501

Telephone: +66 2 524 5245
Fax: +66 2 524 5236
Email: None
The Secretary General
Editor of ASEP Newsletter

Topics covered: a b c d e f g h
Description: ASEP is a nonprofit organization. It has many publications on environmental and waste management issues. The ASEP newsletter publishes newsworthy articles on environmental protection, including research or project summaries, news reports, notices of current and upcoming events, and other interesting and relevant as tiles about the environment.
Format of information: Newsletters, news reports and articles.
Internet: None
Language: Materials are available in English
Consulting or support services: Members of the Society provide consulting and supporting services.
Fees: Computer printouts are distributed free of charge; reports are at cost of reproduction or publication research services are at cost depending on technical and administrative requirements.


Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Philippines
DENR Building
Visaya Ave Diliman
Quezon City

Telephone: +63 2 264 332
Fax: +63 2 922 6991
Marcelino n. Rivera.JR
Sanitary Engineer IV

Topics covered: a b c e f h j.
Description: The Department sets policies, formulates plans, and disseminates environmental information to the public to enhance environmental awareness. Adopts and promulgates rule and regulations for environmental protect. Establish of management policies and quality standards for environment, with pollution control as one of it many aspects containing provision on air, water quality and land use management, natural resources management and conservation.
Format of information: Reports, pamphlets and guidebooks.
Internet: None
Language: Materials are available in Tagalog and English.
Consulting or support services: Provides technical supports to government agencies and local government.
Fees: None or at very low cost.


Development Technology Center of the Bandung Institute of Technology
Jalan Ganesha 17
Bandung 40132

Telephone: +62 22 250 3307
Fax: +62 22 250 1768
Contact: Lanny T. Hardhy

Topics covered: a b c e f g h j.
Description: The Development Technology center of the Bandung Institute of Technology works on MSWM issues as part of its Village Technology Development Program. It runs courses on composting and encourages communities to start and maintain composting and other appropriate recycling practices. It also conducts experiments on recycling hardware technologies related to plastics, paper, and energy recovery. The center evaluates and monitors composting programs all over Indonesia, working with other NGOs under the aegis of Habitat, through the Metropolitan environmental Improvement Program (MEIP).
Format of information: Seminars, reports, pamphlets
Internet: Forthcoming
Language: Mainly Indonesian; English for international communication.
Consulting or support services: Consults on urban solid waste management and community development projects, and conducts workshops on experimental technology.
Fees: Usually negotiated.

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
Bangkok 10200

Telephone: +66 2 288 1600
Fax: +66 2 288 1097
Contact: Mr Jens Overgaard, Chief, Human Settlements

Topics covered: a b c d e f g h j
Description: ESCAP is a UN agency that engages in all aspects of environmental control/conservation, urban environmental management, and environmental education. It works closely with government agencies dealing with the environment and waste management services. It provides funding and expertise in activities related to the environment.
Format of information: Reports, proceedings, environmental guidelines and standards, and materials for skill development and education.
Internet: None
Language: Materials are available in many languages.
Consulting or support services: Provides funds and technical support services to member nations. Also maintains library facilities.
Fees: Materials are distributed free, with some postage charges.

ENSIC (Environmental Systems Information Center)
Asian Institute of Technology
PO Box 4
Klong Luang

Telephone: +66 2 524-5863
Fax: +66 2 524-5870
Contact: Mrs. Lilia R. Austraco, Manager, Information Centers.

Topics covered: a b c d e f g h
Description: ENSIC facilitates the dissemination, evaluation and discussion of research, case studies, and field experiments related to environmental policy, management, and engineering. Issues covered include solid waste, wastewater, hazardous waste, air and noise pollution, soil pollution, land management, water supply, clean technology, biological resources management, health and sanitation, environmental impact assessment, and environmental economics. The organization publishes a newsletter about these issues, covering both technical and regulatory matters.
Format of information: Technical reports and papers, manuals, guidebooks, newsletter.
Language: Materials are in English
Consulting or support services: AIT undertakes contract research and consulting services.
Fees: ENSIC membership rates are US$ 130 for institutions and US$80 for individuals.

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