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Water and Environmental Research and study Center
University of Jordan

Telephone: +962-6-5355000
Fax: +962-6-5355560
Contact: Prof. Muhammed Shatanawi

Description: The center is a multidisciplinary unit at the university of Jordan conducting research, studies and training in the area of water and environment. The center is carrying out intensive research on wastewater treatment using low cost technologies such as anaerobic treatment (using UASB), wetlands and the use of aquatic plant (algae, duckweed). The center has promoted the use of UASB as an alternative low cost method for wastewater treatment for small-scale communities. Research is being carried out on the potential reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation and its long-term impact on soils, crop and human health.
The center provides training programs on different treatment technologies, reuse of wastewater for irrigation and environment impact assessment of wastewater collection and treatment projects.
Format of information: Technical reports, bulletins, scientific papers and annual reports.
Language: English and Arabic.
Consulting or support services: Conduct researches and provides services as chemical and biological analysis of drinking water and wastewater.


Water Pollution Control Department Nation research Center
Cairo, Egypt.

Telephone: 20-2-3371615
Fax: 20-2-3370931
Contact: Dr. Fatma El-Gohary

Description: NRC is a one of the largest key research institute in Cairo holding 13 research divisions and a large number of scientific staff. The Water Pollution Control Department (WPCD) of NRC is involved in various projects related to water management and wastewater treatment. The NRC has an advisory task for local and national institutes responsible for implementation of water treatment methods. There is close cooperation with the various water research institutes of the Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources (MPWWR) such as the Drainage Research Institutes (DRI) and the Water Management Research Institute (WMRI). Particularly in the area where wastewater treatment is liked to reuse by irrigation, an integrated approach is indispensable for local acceptance. Both DRI and WMRI expressed their interest and stressed the need for low-cost effective methods for the reclamation of domestic sewage for agricultural usage.
The NRC institute has a close relation to various universities in Cairo (Ain-Shams university, Cairo University, El-Azhar University). Many students who are graduating from these universities have their practical research period in NRC after which they find their ways to the private or public sector. The NRC effectively can perform dissemination of new technologies with respect water and wastewater management.
Format of information: Reports Scientific papers, conference proceedings, training material.
Internet: NA
Language: English and Arabic
Consulting or support services: Contract research projects, provide training, organize International and Regional Seminar.

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