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Inter-Islamic Network on water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM)
P.O. Box 1460 Jubieha
Amman 11941

Telephone: +962-6-5332993
Fax: +962-6-5332969
Contact: Dr. Murad Jabay Bino

Description: The INWRDAM is body, which belongs to organization of Islamic conference (OIC) that deals with the advancement of cooperation in water resources management and its participating states. In cooperation with other international, regional and national organization, it provides training programs in the area of water resources management, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment technologies. It also organizes workshop, seminar and conferences. The network presents case studies on water conservation, recycling and reuse, and appropriates treatment methods. The network objective is to facilitate exchange of information and technology transfer among its member of OIC including west Asia.
Format of information: Newsletter, proceedings.
Language: English.
Consulting or support services: Provides fellowship for the training programs, which offers.


Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
P.O. box 5925
Jeddah 21432
Saudi Arabia

Telephone: +966-2-6361400
Contact: Mr. Mahoud Al-Koshman

Description: The IDB is a regional development bank for 52 Islamic countries in Asia an Africa. It is one agency for the organization of the Islamic conference. The 14 countries of WA are members of the bank. The bank makes loans and equity investments for the economic and social development of Islamic countries, provides technical assistance in preparing and execution of developments and catalyze investment of public and private capital for development purposes. Most of the Bank’s project include water resources development, wastewater collection and treatment, and reuse projects. So far the bank has provides loans to member states of more than 16 Billion US dollars.
Format of information: Technical Bulletins, Studies and projects reports.
Language: English, French and Arabic
Consulting or support services: Respond to requests for assistance in coordinating development pollicies and planning.

Ministry of Environment
P.O. Box 3773

Telephone: 963-11-3330510
Fax: 963-11-3335645
Email: NA.
Contact: Engr. Yahya Aridah

Description: The ministry of environment handles all environmental matters at the national level. It puts regulations governing house connection, collection, treatments and disposal of wastewater with the coordination of other agencies and municipalities. It is responsible for enforcing these regulations. It works with the Ministry of health, Ministry of housing and utilities and the department of water management in promoting sustainable reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation.
Format of information: Progress and monitoring reports.
Internet: NA
Language: Arabic
Consulting or support services: Information about environmental activities in Syria.


Jordan Environment Society (JES).
P.O.Box: 922831
AbdulHameed Badies St.
Al Shumeisani, Amman
Jordan 11192.

Telephone: 962 6 5699844
Fax: 962 6 5695857
Contact: Mr. Mahmoud Al Omari

Description: Jordan Environment Society (JES) is an NGO aiming at environmental protection and pollution prevention. As of October, 2000 the number of members exceeded 6000 and 70 organization; about 40% of them are females. The society has 24 branches in major cities of the country. JES main mission to create public awareness in environmental issues through seminar, workshops and public hearing. Since 1990, JES in cooperation with GTZ and USAID has carried out two project; one in environmental awareness issues and the second project is on water conservation and protection implemented through public campains.
Format of Information: Proceedings of seminars, training material, pamphlets.
Internet: NA
Languages: Arabic and English
Consultation and support Services: Public awareness, Training and consulting services.


Ministry of Housing and Utilities Department of Sewerage Management

Telephone: NA.
Fax: NA.
Email: NA.
Contact: Eng. Mahmud Abu Allam; and Eng. Sadeck Abu Watfa

Description: The department of sewerage management of the Ministry of Housing and utilities serves as a national organization in Syria for planning and infrastructure development for sewerage systems. It has taken the planning of construction of 8 treatment plants in Syria. The Department is responsible for policy, monitoring and training while Municipalities are in charge of operation and maintenance of sewer network and treatment plants. The department acts as a national focal point for wastewater management and reuse.
Format of information: Management plan, national guideline.
Internet: NA
Language: Arabic
Consulting or support services: It provides technical assistance to municipalities.

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