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2.10 Information sources (Topic j)

Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD)
P.O. Box 21923
Safat, 13080

Telephone: +965 4844500
Fax: +965 4815750
Dr. Muwaffaq M Saqqar
Senior Environmental Engineer

Description: The AFESD is a regional development-funding agency. It has 20 Arab countries as members. The AFESD provides loans and equality investments for economic and social development for member states and some other states in Asia and Africa. It also provide technical assistance in the feasibility studies and preparing of projects. The area of water resources development, wastewater collection system, and treatment plants are considered priority areas in the policy of these funding agencies.
Format of information: Project funded, feasibility studies, technology transfer.
Internet: NA
Language: English and Arabic.
Consulting or support services: Responds to request for assistance in coordinating development policies and planning.


Center for Environmental Health Activities (CEHA)
P.O. box 926967
Amman 11110

Telephone: +962-6-5524655
Fax: +962-6-5516591
Dr. M.Z. Ali Khan, Coordinator
Dr. S. Al Salem, Senior Program officer

Description: CEHA is a WHO Regional center for environmental Health Activities and is part of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Environmental health Program. CEHA runs projects in 22 West Asian and North African countries, providing technical support for the strengthening of national capabilities in environmental health. Wastewater Management and reuse information reaches member countries via training courses, conferences, and information exchange programs at national and regional levels.

CEHA carries out the following activities: human resources development, information exchange (CEHANET), technical cooperation, special studies, and applied research. CEHANET provides access to its regional bibliographic databases of technical information, Wastewater management is dealt with under CEHA's Rural and Urban Development and Housing Program.
Format of information: Training materials, including "Reuse of Treated Effluents." Bibliographic database, reports books, audio-visual materials, and a newsletter, 'CEHA News'
Internet: http://www.WHO.Org
Language: English, French, and Arabic.
Consulting or support services: Human resources development, information exchange, technical cooperation, special studies, and applied research. National agencies, research and educational institutions, and local governments within Member States of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region should contact the WHO representative of the requesting country.
Fees: The newsletter and other information exchange are free. For other activities, contact the Coordinator.


Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Application (CENESTA)
W10 Juybar Str., Fatemi Sq.
Tehran 14157
Islamic Republic of Iran

Telephone: 982-1-885-3922
Fax: 982-1-655-9010
Contact: Ms. Khadija Catherine Razavi

Description: CENESTA is an NGO established to contribute to the national effort in promoting sustainable development through public campaign, awareness, seminar and studies. In the area of water, it has promoted the adaptation of low cost technologies in wastewater treatment in rural area to improve the health conditions of the poor communities. CENESTA has conducted a number of activities in Iran. The organization is focusing on the issue of reuse through training and workshops.
Format of information: reports, pamphlets and training material.
Internet: NA
Language: Persian, English
Consulting or support services: Training, public awareness, research and consulting services.


Department of Environment Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture
P.O. box 7634

Telephone: 974 320 825
Fax: 974 415 246
Email: NA
Contact: Mr. Mohammad Akber

The Department of Environment in Qatar is responsible for the protection of environment where it issues regulations concerning wastewater management and reuse. It is also responsible for enforcing these regulations. The department carries out an intensive public awareness program in pollution prevention and water conservation. It monitors water quality of effluent and for irrigation or disposal to the Gulf.
Format of information:
Language: English and Arabic
Consulting or support services: provide information on water quality.


Department of Environmental Protection Ministry of Health
P.O. Box 43337
Hawalli 32048

Telephone: 965-484-7756
Fax: 965-245-6836
Email: NA
Contact: The Director

Description: The department provides information on wastewater management and reuse in Kuwait and is responsible for planning and operation of wastewater treatment plants. It issues and enforces regulation and standard concerning treated wastewater quality for disposal to the sea or reuse in agriculture. The operation and maintenance of the sewer systems is the responsibility of the Municipalities.
Format of information: guideline and standards on wastewater disposal and reuse.
Internet: NA
Language: Arabic and English
Consulting or support services: The department provides consulting services to the municipalities and the private sector.


Department of Water Management Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform

Telephone: 963-11-532098
Fax: 963-11-532098
Email: NA
Contact: Dr. George Somi

Description: The Department of water management is responsible for promoting efficient irrigation systems and irrigation management practices by using conventional water supply and treated wastewater. The Department has 14 experimental stations in the country to implement its research programs. The data bank located in the head quarter office in Doma, Damascus provides information on water resources including treated wastewater and their uses. The department will issue guideline concerning health aspects of wastewater reuse by farmers.
Format of information: Publication, progress reports, computers print out, guidelines.
Internet: NA
Language: Arabic
Consulting or support services: provide support to farmers for design and management of irrigation system. It also provides training programs.


Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA)
P.O. Box 11-8575
Riad Solh Circle
Beirut, Lebanon

Telephone: +961 -1 -981301
Fax: +961 - 1-981510
Contact: Dr. Mohammed Abdul razzak and Mr. Omar Tukan

Description: ESCWA is a UN agency that deal with all aspect of economic and social development in 20 countries in west Asia including water resources, environmental development and natural resources. It works closely with the environmental and housing agencies dealing with environment and wastewater management and services. It provides funding and expertise for consulting and backstopping activities in the area of wastewater treatment and reuse.
Format of information: Report, proceedings, environmental guidelines and standards and material for skill development and training.
Internet: http://www.ESCWA.Org.Lb
Language: English, French and Arabic.
Consulting or support services: Provides funds and technical support services to member states.Also maintain library services. All materials are distributed free.

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