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1.10 Information sources

Abidjan, Cote dIvoire
· Dr. Mamadou Adama Sakho, Directeur de l’Eau, Ministry of Equipment - Hydraulics Department: E-mail:
· Dr Sekou Toure, High Commissioner for Hydraulics, Office of the Prime Minister, Abidjan. Fax: 225-322192;

Accra, Ghana
Ing. Ebenezer Martey, Area Director, Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation, ATMA, PO Box 1840, Accra. Fax: 663552

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
· United nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.: Information on Water and Sanitation
· Dr. Stephen Donkor, Regional Advisor, Water Resources, Natural Resources Division ,UNECA, Addis Ababa
Fax: 251-1-517200,). Email: donkore

African Development Bank (ADB), Abidjan, Cote, d’Ivoire
Mr. Habte Sellassie- Manager, Division of Water and Sanitation (away on mission)
Mr. Kamoun Habib- Deputy Division Manager
Mr. Hospice D. Alves - Sanitary Engineer- Water and Sanitation
Mr. Wassel - Water Project, Nigeria etc.
The Librarian: Custodian of several relevant publication on the region’s wastewater.

· Mr. Baisi B. J. Khupe, Director of Water Affairs, PB 0029, Gaborone.
Tel: 267-351601; Fax: 267-374372
· Mr. Boikanyo, Chief Executive, Water Utilities Corporation, PB 00276, Gaborone.
Tel: 267-353467; Fax: 267-304676
· Mr. Kodise A. Selotlegeng, Senior. Public Health Engineer, Ministry of Local Government, PB 006, Gaborone. Tel: 267-354264; Fax: 267-352384.

Burkina Faso
Dr. S. R. Hien, Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and the Family of Burkina Faso, Directorate of Preventive Medicine, Ouagadougou.SODECI- a Private Company (Societe de distribution d’Eau de la Cote d’Ivoire:
· Essay Koudio, SODECI, Avenue Christiani, Abidjan O/BP 1843 CI
Tel: 225-21 0623/212191.
· Director-General. Tel: 225-233005; Fax: 225-449412
· Director of Exploration. Tel: 225-233015
· Technical Director, Director of Sanitation. Tel:225-351706/358516
· Technical Director. Tel: 225-233013.

Mazingira Institute, P.O. Box 14550 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel.: 254-2-443219

· Mr. B. S. Goolam, Senior Engineer (Districts), Water and Sewerage Authority, PO Box 426, Maseru,
Tel: 266-312449; Fax: 266-310006.
· Mr. Sechocha Makhoalibhe, Director, Department of Water Affairs, Ministry of Natural Resources, PO Box 772, Maseru.
Tel: 266-317516; Fax: 266310437

· Mr. Owen M. Kankhulungo, Chief Water Supply Officer, Ministry of Works, PO Box 390, Lilongwe 3. Tel: 265-780344; Fax:265-784678.

· Mr. Moussa Kaba, President of the GIE Jigui, BP 1502 Bamako (Mali) Tel.: 223-22-34-25; Fax: 223 23 1996.

· Mr. Dudley Biggs, Director of Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, PB 13193, Windhoek. Tel: 264-61-3963069; Fax: 264-61-224512.

· Mr. J. A. Hanidu, Director, Water Supply and Control, federal Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development, Abuja, Tel: 234-9-2343714;Fax: 234-9-234259
· Mr. O. Agada, Sanitary Engineer (Sewerage), FMWRR, Abuja. Tel:234-9-2343733; Fax: 234-9-234259.
· Mr. JWE Metibaiye, World Bank, Abuja. Tel: 234-9-234269-74.
· Dr. J. Adewoye, Director General, Federal Environmental protection Agency, Abuja. Tel: 234-9-2345809.

South Africa
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry(DWAF), Pretoria, South Africa.:
Address: Bag X 313, Pretoria 0001, South Africa. Fax: 27-12-328 6397;
· Director of Water Resources –Mr. Nichols J. Van R. Rabie
· Director of Water Services Planning --Mr. Fred Van Zyl
· Chief Director, Scientific Services: Mr. Tami Sokutu (Eml:
· Mr. M. Sorrious. Manele
· Director of Water Quality management- Mr. JLJ Van der Westhuizen
· Mr. Boniface Aleobua (Eml:

South African Water Research Commission (WRC);
Fax: 27-12-3312565.
· Dr Jayant N. Bhagwan, Research Manager, Water and Sanitation (
· Mr. Hugo Maaren, Research Manager, Hydrology (Eml:
· Librarian, Water Research Commission, Pretoria.

· Mr. Stephen S. Dlamini, Water Control Officer, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, PO Box 57, Mbabane, Tel: 268-42321 Ext. 166; Fax: 268-42436.

· Mr. Arthur R. Mutalemwa, Director General, National Urban Water Authority, PO Box 1573, Dar es Salaam. Tel: 255-51-311914.
· Mr. A.A. Senguo, Director, Planning, Ministry of Water, Energy and Mineral, PO Box 9153, Dar es Salaam. Tel: 255-51-31433-5.

UNESCO and UNEP, Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya.
· The Librarian ’EA number of valuable publications were consulted. Some of these are on eastern and south African countries.
· Dr. E. Salif Diop (from Senegal): Senior Programme Officer, Stap, UNEP.
· Mr. Matungulu Kande (from Democratic Republic of the Congo), UNEP
· Dr. Emmanuel Naah, Regional Hydrologist, UNESCO (Fax/Tel: 254-2-622351; Eml:

World Bank Regional Offices.

Regional Office of the World Bank in Nairobi, Kenya.
High Park Building, Upper Hill Road, Nairobi, Kenya; Fax/Tel: 254-2-
260300, 260400, 714141/704030.
· Prof Ladipo Adamolekun, Principal Public management Specialist
· The Librarians ( Ground floor and Third Floor Libraries).

Regional Mission of the World Bank in West Africa.
BP 1850, Cocody, Abidjan 01, Cote d’Ivoire. Tel.: 225-442227; Fax:225-441687.
· M. Mathys, Director GREAO

· Mr. Andrew Mondoka, Secretary, The Water Development Board, Dept. of Water Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Water Development, PO Box 50288, Lusaka. Tel: 260-251-525; Fax: 260-1-250721

· Mr. Phillimen Chedondo. Provincial Water Engineer, Department of Water Development, Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Water Development. PO Box 554, Gweru. Tel: 2632511; Fax:263-54-52158
· Dr. Thomas Chiramba. Director of Works, Kwekwe Municipality, PO Box 689, Kwekwe. Tel: 263-2301-7; Fax: 263-4301.
· Mr. Paul Taylor, Director, Training Centre for Water and Sanitation, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Zimbabwe, Box MP 167, Mount Pleasant, Harare. Tel: 263-4-303211.

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