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4.2.6 Anaerobic treatment of wastewater

Anaerobic treatment is more suited to wastewater high in BOD. It is used to treat the sludge from an activated sludge treatment or biological filtration process (see Section 2 (5)). In households where there is cottage industry (such as food processing to supply restaurants or food market) the wastewater may be high in BOD. Wastewater high in BOD may also be generated when water conservation measures result in less water being used. A simple method to treat blackwater and kitchen waste is shown in Figure 2.32. The biogas produced can be combusted for use in cooking.

Figure 2.32: A simple anaerobic treatment of blackwater and kitchen waste

In the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) process settled wastewater is passed upward through a sludge blanket. The sludge blanket consists of anaerobic bacteria, which have developed into granules. Because of the high settling velocity of the granules, the granules are not carried over in the upflowing wastewater. A high concentration of bacteria is therefore retained in the tank. The tank itself has no internal moving parts (Figure 2.33). If wastewater is distributed evenly at the base of the tank, mixing between the wastewater and the granules of bacteria is promoted by the carbondioxide and methane gases produced by the anaerobic treatment process and the upward moving flow of the wastewater.

Although the reactor itself has a simple configuration with no moving parts, pumping of the feed is still required. Methane gas is produced which needs special handling procedures to prevent leakage and explosion. Wastewater treated anaerobically requires further aerobic treatment to reduce its BOD and odour. Excess granules need to be treated prior to reuse or disposal, although currently there is a demand for the granules to start up UASB reactors. The mixture of methane and carbon dioxide (termed 'biogas') can be combusted and used for heating the content of the anaerobic reactor or for other purposes.


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