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Anticipating the Environmental Effects of Technology
A manual for decision-makers, planners and other technology stakeholders

  Executive Summmary
Table of Contents
  1 Introduction
    1.1 Goals of the EnTA Manual
1.2 Who should use this Manual?
1.3 How to use this Manual
  2 Environmental Technology Assessment EnTA
    2.1 Characteristics of EnTA
2.2 The role of opinion and judgement in EnTA
2.3 The benefits of EnTA
2.4 EnTA and other assessment tools
2.5 Overview of EnTA
2.6 Steps in the EnTA process
2.7 EnTA is not a linear process
2.8 Alternative approaches
2.9 Evaluating environmental consequences
2.10 Pressures on the environment
2.11 Boundaries for the pressures associated with the technology
2.12 Types of impacts
2.13 When is an impact significant?
2.14 Assessing economic viability
  3 The EnTA Workbook
    3.1 Introduction
3.2 Preparing for an EnTA
3.3 Step 1: Describe the proposed technology
3.4 Step 2: Resource and other requirements, and their associated environmental pressures
3.5 Step 3: Preliminary judgement
3.6 Step 4: Comparative assessment of alternative technologies
3.7 Step 5: Decide if a consensus decision can be reached
3.8 Completing the EnTA
  4 Worksheets(Word doc)
  Annex 1 Sources of Additional Information
  Annex 2 Case Study
  Annex 3 Indicators Used in Assessment of General Economic Performance
  5 Workshop Report


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