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Freshwater Management Series No. 7


A Technical Approach in Environmental Management

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D. UNEP’S Interest in Phytotechnology

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recognizes the importance of streamlining the integration of environmental and development strategies to make them more coherent in achieving sustainable development objectives. A central role for UNEP is to encourage decision makers in government, industry and business to develop and adopt policies, strategies and practices that are cleaner and safer, use natural resources more efficiently, and reduce pollution risks to human beings and the environment. Within UNEP, the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) is responsible for promoting the adoption and transfer of environmentally sound technologies and management practices.

In support of this, and as part of UNEP/DTIE, the International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) focuses on issues related to urban environmental problems and the management of freshwater basins. IETC pursues a results-oriented mandate which involves:

Improving access to information on environmentally sound technologies (ESTs),
Fostering technology cooperation, partnerships, adoption and use of ESTs, and
  Capacity building.

IETC’s principal interest in promoting the concept of phytotechnology relates to water, urban environmental management issues and climate change. Linked to this is the integrated approach of the Centre in supporting the principles and concepts of biodiversity and sustainable development.

The sections which follow present some of the global issues which depend on integrated solutions and various approaches that can be used in incorporating phytotechnologies as part of these solutions. The environmental benefits of phytotechnologies in the management of ecosystem resources is also discussed, as well as the prevention, control and remediation of pollution and environmental degradation through the application of ecosystems approaches.

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