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Freshwater Management Series No. 7


A Technical Approach in Environmental Management

Large windmill in a field of grass


The following experts, institutions and NGO have provided this book with photographs:

Amigos de Chapala
Sven Erik Jorgensen, Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
Daniel Majewski, Department of Applied Ecology, University of Lodz, Poland
Ewa Wysokinska, Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Katowice, Poland
Iwona Wagner-Lotkowska, Department of Applied Ecology, University of Lodz, Poland
Cristopher Magadza, University of Zimbabwe
Environment Canada
Jin Xiangcan, Chinese Academy, Institution of Environmental Studies, China
Monique Trudel, Educom Environnement
Fondo para Medio Ambiente del Globo del Japon
Vicente -Santiago-Fandiño (UNEP-IETC)
Assistant Editor: John Neate (Strategies for Change)
Co-ordination: Vicente -Santiago-Fandiño (UNEP-IETC)
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