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Freshwater Management Series No. 5

Guidelines for the Integrated Management of the Watershed
- Phytotechnology and Ecohydrology -

C. Questions veryfying the utility of ecohydrological and phytotechnological approaches in projects

  1. Does the project cover the effect of hydrological processes on the structure and dynamics of the biota (e.g., the effect of flood peaks on the inhibition of toxic algal blooms, the effect of reservoir water level on fish reproduction and zooplankton dynamics, algal density, and water quality, etc.)?

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  1. Does project cover the effect of biotic structure and temporal variability at catchment and/or aquatic ecosystem scales on water resource quality, quantity, and dynamics (e.g., the effect of forest cover and ecotones on the timing and hydropeaking of flood flows)?
  2. Do the above relationships indicate a potential for the improvement of water quality and hydrological security at the basin scale (i.e., does the project conform to the first principle of ecohydrology)?
  3. Does the understanding these ecohydrological relationships improve the absorption capacity of the river basin against of human impacts (i.e., does the project conform to the second principle of ecohydrology)?
  4. Does the understanding of these ecohydrological relationships provide a basis for their application to the sustainable use of the water resources of the basin (e.g., does the project conform to the principles of ecological engineering and the third principle ecohydrology, including its socio-economic aspect)?
  5. Does the implementation of the project enhance biodiversity at basin scale?
  6. Does the implementation of the proposed project reduce the costs of improving water resource quality at the basin scale (i.e., low cost vs. high technology)?
  7. Does the implementation of the project stimulate (sustainable) economic growth in the basin?


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