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Freshwater Management Series No. 5

Guidelines for the Integrated Management of the Watershed
-Phytotechnology and Ecohydrology -

Freshwater resources such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands are suffering from various problems amongst them pollution originated from point and non-point sources; shore erosion and habitat lose due to construction and other unsustainable human activities and unsustainable practices. To stop and advert this trend there is a need to develop proper planning and management approaches within the context of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). Integrated Water Resource Management as defined by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a process that considers the co-ordination of development and management of water, land and related resources to enhance economic and social welfare without jeopardizing the sustainability of the ecosystem. Ecohydrology together with the application of Phytotechnologies consider the basic principles of IWRM in the way they are practice.

Please also see a manual published in Aug 2004.

----- Table of Contents -----



1. Introduction
2. Sustainable Management of Water Resources at the Basin Scale Through Ecohydrology and the Application of Phytotechnologies in Temperate and Tropical Waters
3. Monitoring and Assessment of Ecohydrological Processes Using GIS and Mathematical Modelling for Identification of Threats and Potential Ecological Solutions
4. The Concept of Phytotechnology for Sustainable Water Resources Use
5. Application of Phytotechnologies and Freshwater Ecosystem Management
6. Restration of Streames for Water Quality Improvement and Fishery Enhancement
7. Management of Flows in Large Rivers for Water Quality Improvement
8. The Regulation and Control of Hydrologic and Biotic Processess within Reservoirs for Water Quality Improvement
9. Ecological Integrity Assessment as a Strategic Component of Sustainable Water Management
10. Summary and Conclusions


Glossary and Most Commonly Used Symbols and Abbreviations


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