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Freshwater Management Series No. 1

Biosolids Management: An Environmentally Sound Approach
for Managing Sewage Treatment Plant Sludge

An Introductory Guide To Decision-Makers

Treated sludge, known as biosolids, is widely produced in many countries. Once treated properly, sludge has important economic and environmental value due to its high concentration of organic nutrients, which make it valuable for use as fertiliser in agriculture or other practices. This booklet gives a general overview of the wastewater treatment process, as well as of the production of biosolids and their utilisation in agriculture. It should help decision-makers who are considering this environmentally sound technological approach to solving the problem of sludge disposal.


  Notes for the Reader

Biosolids Management


Some Basic Terms

  Wastewater Treatment: The Municipal Sludge Production Process

The Municipal Sludge-to-Biosolids Treatment Process

  Practices In Europe and North America

Addressing Public Concerns About the Land Application of Biosolids


A Range of Options for Biosolids Utilisation

  Establishing a new Biosolids Utilisatiion System: Challenges and Opportunites

The Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Case Study

  A Planning Guide for Developing a Biosolids Utilisation System

Step One: Plan for the Basic Requirements


Step Two: Involve Stakeholders


Step Three: Establish Capacities


Step Four: Establish and Maintain Sustainable Systems and Practices

  The Future
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