Goals and Objectives

The overall development goal of this project is to ensure sustainable development of the Iraqi Marshlands, reflecting the unique historical, cultural, environmental, hydrological, and socio-economic characteristics of the area, in particular utilizing the World Heritage inscription process as a tool to develop and implement a management framework.

The project will:

  1. Establish a long-term preservation and management plan of the cultural and natural heritage of the Iraqi Marshlands area utilizing the World Heritage inscription process as a tool.

  2. Ensure sustainable socio-economic development practices that reflect the natural and cultural conditions of the Iraqi Marshlands, as described in the plan.

  3. Build capacity and to raise awareness among the local population as well as national, governorate, and local institutions in order to encourage their participation for the site preservation, and management framework operations.

  4. Raise recognition of the importance of the Iraqi Marshlands within the international community to support equitable use and sustainable development of the area.

Iraqi Marshlands