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Sound Practices
Overview of the Sound Practices section

1.1.5 Prologue to the six Sound Practice subsections

The remainder of this section looks at specific technologies and policies in light of the considerations discussed above. Unlike the Regional Overviews and Information Sources section of this book, in which each region of the world is considered separately, the Sound Practices section incorporates information from all parts of the world. This arrangement is intended to facilitate the transfer of information and ideas among regions and to present a unified discussion of some issues that are similar in different areas of the world. Properly separated garden waste is compostable, regardless of the continent from which it comes. Narrow streets present collection challenges wherever they are. And high water tables make landfill siting more difficult, whether a country is highly industrialized or not.

As repeatedly stressed above, there are also myriad differences from one place to another. The Sound Practices section does not ignore these differences, but tries to draw some general conclusions that may nevertheless have wide applicability.

Sound practices are an evolving thing. The Source Book presents information and some conclusions about what is currently considered sound practice, but new technologies and policies could make some of these obsolete in the foreseeable future. Moreover, even at present there is not always agreement on what is sound. Nevertheless, since the principles on which the following discussion is based will likely hold for a long time, this presentation should remain useful as a guide to decision making in MSWM.

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