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Water and Wastewater Reuse

- An Environmentally Sound Approach
for Sustainable Urban Water Management

Water scarcity and water pollution pose a critical challenge in many developing countries. In urban areas, it is becoming difficult for the authorities to manage water supply and wastewater. Strategies for water and wastewater reuse can improve urban water management.
This publication provides introductory guidelines for these strategies. The important aspects to minimize public health risks are identified. The possibilities of wastewater reuse in agriculture, industry, urban uses, and environmental water enhancement including groundwater recharge are discussed with the help of practical examples.
The capacity building policy-making, institutional strengthening, financial mechanisms, and awareness raising and stakeholder participation are vital to implement these strategies for wastewater reuse.

------ Table of Contents ------

Contents (PDF 1.49MB)
1. Introduction
2. Wastewater Reuse as Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)
3. Requirements for Wastewater Reuse
  3-1. Basic Principles of Wastewater Treatment
  3-2. Public Health Risk Minimization
4. Wastewater Reuse Applications
  4-1. Wastewater Reuse for Agriculture
  4.2. Wastewater Reuse for Industry
  4-3. Urban Applications
  4-4. Wastewater Reuse for Environmental Water Enhancement
  4-5. Groundwater Recharge
5. Key Factors for Establishing Initiatives
6. Building Capacity for Water and Wastewater Reuse
  6-1. Capacity Building: Human Resource Development
  6-2. Capacity Building: Policy and Legal Framework Development
  6-3. Capacity Building: Institutional Development and Organizational Management
  6-4. Capacity Building: Financing
  6-5. Capacity Building: Raising Public Awareness and Participation
7. Moving Forward
Cover (PDF 1.54MB)
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