Demonstrating Environmentally Sound Technologies for Building Waste Reduction in Indonesia (DEBRI) Project

Home image The aim of the DEBRI Project is to support the reconstruction and rehabilitation in Banda Aceh through developing partnerships for the application of environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) to the treatment/reuse/recycle of post-disaster waste, and subsequently the construction/demolition waste generated on a day-to-day basis.

The project takes a three-pronged approach, looking at the issues of technology support, capacity building and economic instruments. The project develops a waste management mechanism for handling, treatment, reuse and recycling of post-disaster waste using ESTs for debris management, and builds capacity of local government officials in debris handling and processing. It also develops a package of economic instruments to ensure long-term viability of ESTs.

The project partners are the Ministry of Environment, Government of Indonesia, and the International Waste Management Association.